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Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Albania

Albania is one of the leading exporters of Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs in Balkan and in Europe. Albanian’s Mediterranean climate and Nature offers Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs in Albania an ideal environment with more than 250 varieties of wild organic medicinal plants.

We offer big volumes for organic Dried Herbs in Albania, which include all kind of herbs: Flowers, Leaves, Herbs, Roots and Fruits.

Medicinal Herbs Albania and Aromatic Herbs Albania are found in huge quantities in fields and mountains, which create employment opportunities for approximately hundreds of thousands of Albanian rural dwellers.

Gifted with hundreds of hectares of wild organic Aromatic Herbs and Medicinal Herbs, Albania is a leader in the production and export of these natural Dried Herbs.

Dried Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs Albania are exported unprocessed, and then usually treated and re-packaged abroad.

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